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♋ So I like to draw. This blog contains NSFW work from time to time, always tagged as appropriately as possible. Big fan of Homestuck, Welcome to Night Vale, SuperWhoLock, Attack on Titan (SnK), Avengers, Magi, etc... Also will reblog both Astronomy & Astrology at random. ♋


Captain America: The Winter Soldier + trivia

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  Anonymous: *give kankri grub a huge cookie*



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Signed up for KakaIru Fest. Oh yeah. :D :D

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An absolutely fun art trade with the lovely, Tea! I am so happy to be able to do this trade with such a sweet and talented individual! :D Ahhh, I’m so happy!

If you would like to see her part of the trade, click here

Homestuck Art Blog: land-dweller

Personal: astropunch

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welp.  didnt even try

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The Moon by Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, appropriately named after the legendary Japanese moon princess Kaguya-hime.

Want want want.

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Theory time…


I honestly believe that Gamzee’s relationship with Terezi was completely manufactured by Aranea.

We first meet Aranea during her conversation with Terezi.  At this point, we learn a lot of things about her: she is a godtier Sylph of Light, she is aware that Terezi is a Seer of Mind, she has been watching Alternia for a long time, she respects her alternate Alternian self, and she feels driven to heal others.  Her offer to heal Terezi’s eyes seems innocent enough at this point in time, and she seems much different than her Alternia counterpart.

Later, during the Meenah quest walkaround, we notice that something’s up with Terezi.  She isn’t showing her eyes, and she seems put off by the appearance of the dancestors.  We also learn that she and Gamzee are in engaging in a kismesissitude.

Then, we get Terezi’s confession about Gamzee and this:


The fandom likes to jump on Gamzee for his abusive relationship with Terezi, but the question should be asked: how long has Aranea been in control?  And why is she in control at all?

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I am crying with you aah I miss this series

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"Captain America 2" may have been eclipsed by another Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" as the year’s biggest domestic hit, but the Captain America sequel’s performace at the box office cannot be easily dismissed either. With its record at the box office, expectations for "Captain America 3" is very high and it is surely putting some pressure to Marvel and its cast.

According to recent news from Collider, “Captain America 3” is set to start filming next April in Atlanta. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo will again direct the third film. It has also been confirmed from the directors that the next movie will explore more about the convoluted relationship between Steve Rogers (Capt. America) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier); as well as addressing the identity issues of Bucky.

Red Skull is also hinted to make a return, as the directors said that anything is possible within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans can also expect a greater villain in the third film.
Aside from Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), and Jeremy Renner (Hawk Eye) may also be back for “Captain America 3.”

But are fans ready to accept that Captain America could come to a natural end with “Captain America 3?” That is something co-director Anthony Russo commented in an interview with MTV News.

The film is slated for May 6, 2016 release.





men are essential for creating other people but ok stay fierce.

trans girls

true. feel free to eliminate all the men pls.

will do

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teamwork is important (❛ヮ❛ ✿)

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Reminder that Misha Collins is a little shit who knows exactly what canon means x x

At my cousin’s very haunted house. We were outside, just four of us, and we all decided to head back in… And we got deadbolted out. Nobody was inside.

It’s a matter of trust…



The Rapture is upon us.

i’m scared

we’re all scared

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